ManifoldEM Python Suite (2021)

Public release of ManifoldEM Python suite (Beta version) for determination of conformational continua of biomolecules from single-particle cryo-EM data. This software was developed in the Frank research group at Columbia University in collaboration with members from UWM.

As for my contributions on this project, I conceptualized and implemented the features present in the 10,000+ line (Python 3) graphic user interface, and made numerous modifications to the backend code necessary for that use. Additionally, I worked with other members of the ManifoldEM team to add several enhancements to the original Matlab framework. A tremendous amount of troubleshooting and testing was also performed, which included over 300 open issues solved in our main repository. I was also the lead author on a comprehensive user manual packaged along with the Beta release, and the lead liassion with an alpha-user testing group, comprised of scientists and engineers from various cryo-EM related fields.

Evan Seitz
Evan Seitz
Computational Postdoctoral Fellow

Computational Biophysicist